Installing and Configuring MED-V Components

This section explains how to install the MED-V server, MED-V client, and MED-V management, as well as how to configure the MED-V server and image repository. It includes the procedure on uninstalling the components as well.

In This Section

How to Install and Configure the MED-V Server Component
Describes how to install the MED-V server and configure connections, images, permissions, and report settings.

How to Configure the Image Web Distribution Server
Describes how to configure an image Web distribution server using IIS.

How to Install MED-V Client and MED-V Management Console
Describes how to install the MED-V client and MED-V management using the client .msi package.

How to Uninstall MED-V Components
Describes how to uninstall the MED-V components.