Using the MED-V Management Console User Interface

The console user interface is divided into the following sections:

  • The following MED-V management buttons, which correspond to the three modules:

    • Policy—The Policy module is used to define the MED-V workspaces and their related settings and permissions.

    • Images—The Images module is used to manage MED-V workspace images.

    • Reports—The Reports module is used for generating and viewing MED-V workspace reports.

  • The toolbar displays shortcuts relevant to the button selected.

  • The display pane displays a module corresponding to the button that is selected.

How to Log In to the MED-V Management Console

To open the MED-V management console

  • On the Windows Start menu, select All Programs > MED-V > MED-V Management, or on the desktop, double-click the MED-V Management icon.

    The MED-V Management Login window appears.

For security reasons, the first user to log in to the MED-V management console will become the only user on that computer allowed to access the management console.

To log in

  1. Type in your domain user credentials in the following format:

    "domain_name\user_name", "password"

    When configuring the server, users with full access as well as users with read-only access are defined. All users must be domain users. The domain user name and password is used for MED-V management login.

  2. Click OK.

    The MED-V Management console appears.

How to Install MED-V Client and MED-V Management Console