How to Deploy a MED-V Workspace Manually

In some instances, you might want to deploy your MED-V workspace manually, for example, if your company does not use an electronic software distribution system to deploy applications.

This section provides instruction about how to manually deploy a MED-V workspace.

To deploy a MED-V workspace manually

  1. Copy all prerequisite applications and the MED-V workspace package files to a shared drive or to a DVD. The following is a list of the required applications and files.

    • Windows Virtual PC. For more information, see Configure Installation Prerequisites.

    • Windows Virtual PC Additions and Updates. For more information, see Configure Installation Prerequisites.

    • MED-V Host Agent Installation File – installs the Host Agent (MED-V_HostAgent_Setup installation file).

      Close Internet Explorer before you install the MED-V Host Agent, otherwise conflicts can occur later with URL redirection. You can also do this by specifying a computer restart during a distribution.

-   **MED-V Workspace Installer, VHD, and Setup Executable** – created with the **MED-V Workspace Packager**. For more information, see [Create a MED-V Workspace Package](

    The compressed VHD file (.medv) and the Setup executable program (setup.exe) must be in the same folder as the MED-V workspace installer.
  1. Install the following in the order listed. The end user can perform this task manually or you can create a script to install the following:

    • Windows Virtual PC and the Windows Virtual PC additions and updates. A computer restart is required.

    • The MED-V Host Agent.

      If it is running, Internet Explorer must be restarted before the installation of the MED-V Host Agent can finish.

-   The MED-V workspace package.

    Install the MED-V workspace by running the setup.exe program that is included in the MED-V workspace package files.
  1. Complete first time setup.

    After the MED-V workspace is installed, you have the option of starting MED-V. This starts the MED-V Host Agent. You can either start MED-V at that time, or start the MED-V Host Agent later to complete first time setup.

    To start the MED-V Host Agent, click Start, click All Programs, click Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization, and then click MED-V Host Agent.

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