Changing the Frequency of UE-V Scheduled Tasks

The Microsoft User Experience Virtualization (UE-V) Agent installer, AgentSetup.exe, creates two scheduled tasks during the UE-V Agent installation. The two tasks are the Template Auto Update task and the Setting Storage Location Status task. These scheduled tasks are not configurable with the UE-V tools. Administrators who wish to change the scheduled task for these items can create a script that uses the Schtasks.exe command-line options.

For more information about Schtasks.exe, see How to use Schtasks,exe to Schedule Tasks in Windows Server 2003.

Template Auto-Update

The Template Auto Update task checks the settings template catalog for new, updated, or removed templates. This task only runs if the SettingsTemplateCatalog is configured. The Template Auto Update task runs the ApplySettingsCatalog.exe file, which is located in the UE-V Agent install directory.

Task name Default trigger

\Microsoft\UE-V\Template Auto Update

3:30 AM every day

Example: The following command configures the agent to check the settings template catalog store every hour.

schtasks /change /tn "Microsoft\UE-V\Template Auto Update" /ri 60

Settings Storage Location Status

The Setting Storage Location Status task performs the following actions:

  1. Checks to make sure the UE-V folders are still pinned or registered with the offline files feature.

  2. Checks whether the settings storage location is offline or online.

  3. Forces a synchronization on the specified interval instead of the default interval for offline files.

  4. Synchronizes any settings packages that are configured to be pre-fetched.

  5. Checks if the Active Directory home directory path has changed.

  6. Writes the current settings storage configuration under the following location

    Task name Default trigger

    \Microsoft\UE-V\Settings Storage Location Status

    At logon of any user – After triggered, repeat every 30 minutes indefinitely.

Example: The following command configures the agent to run the action above every hour.

schtasks /change /tn "\Microsoft\UE-V\Settings Storage Location Status" /ri 60

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