Sharing Settings Location Templates with the UE-V Template Gallery

The Microsoft User Experience Virtualization (UE-V) template gallery allows administrators to share their UE-V settings location templates. In the gallery, you can upload your settings location templates for other people to use, and you can download templates that other people have created. The UE-V template gallery is located on Microsoft TechNet here:

Before you share a settings location template on the UE-V template gallery, make sure it does not contain any personal or company information. You can use any XML viewer to open and view the contents of a settings location template file. The following template values should be reviewed before you share it with anyone outside your company.

  • Template Author Name – Specify a general, non-identifying name for the template author name or exclude this data from the template.

  • Template Author Email – Specify a general, non-identifying template author email or exclude this data from the template.

Before you deploy any settings location template that you have downloaded from the UE-V gallery, you should first test the template to ensure that the application settings roam correctly in a test environment.

Administering UE-V 1.0

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