UE-V Checklist

Use this checklist to plan for preparing your computing environment for Microsoft User Experience Virtualization (UE-V) deployment.

Task References

Review the Getting Started information about UE-V to gain a basic understanding of the product before you begin the deployment planning.

Getting Started With User Experience Virtualization 1.0

Prepare your environment for UE-V 1.0 deployment.

Preparing Your Environment for UE-V

Plan which applications end users can synchronize with UE-V 1.0.

Planning Which Applications to Synchronize with UE-V 1.0

Custom settings templates only - create custom settings location templates and then define a setting template catalog.

Deploying the Settings Template Catalog for UE-V 1.0

Create UE-V Settings Location Templates with the UE-V Generator

Decide which method of configuration (Group Policy, PowerShell, ESD-command line, or batch file) works best for your environment and plan how to configure UE-V 1.0.

Planning for UE-V Configuration Methods

Deploy the network share to store settings packages.

Deploying the Settings Storage Location for UE-V 1.0

Custom settings templates only – deploy the features that are required to create and store applications other than the UE-V default applications.

Deploying the Settings Template Catalog for UE-V 1.0

Installing the UE-V Generator

Familiarize yourself with the administration and management tasks for UE-V.

Administering UE-V 1.0

Planning for UE-V 1.0

Deploying UE-V 1.0