Device features

Device orientation and motion events

Device orientation and motion events provide event info about the physical orientation and motion of your user's device, allowing you to take advantage of modern sensors and explore new input mechanisms and gestures for games and apps.

Fullscreen API

You can use the Fullscreen API to bring video, images, and other content to a user's full attention.


The Geolocation API is a built-in location provider that uses Wi-Fi location data and Internet Protocol (IP) address information to determine the latitude and longitude of the computer or device running the browser.

High-DPI support

Microsoft Edge brings enhanced scaling for high DPI screens and small slates, ensuring the consistency of your website’s text, touch targets, and layout across devices.

Payment Request API

The Payment Request API is an open, cross-browser standard that enables browsers to act as an intermediary between merchants, consumers, and the payment methods (e.g. credit cards) that consumers have stored in the cloud.

Screen Orientation API

The Screen Orientation API enables you to prevent or override the browser from automatically reflowing your web app's content during changes to the orientation of your user's device. You can also lock the display so that your user's device orientation and motion sensor data is accurate.

Web Authentication and Windows Hello

The Web Authentication API in Microsoft Edge enables web applications to use Windows Hello biometrics for user authentication.

Web Notifications API

The Web Notifications API allows websites to send users notifications outside the context of the Microsoft Edge browser.