HTML5 features


You can use the HTML5 audio element to embed simple sound effects, background audio, or more sophisticated audio engines to your webpage without requiring script or add-on controls.

File API

The File API provides a means to manipulate file objects in web applications.

Folder upload

Microsoft Edge supports drag and drop with folders using the same API (webkitGetAsEntry) as Chrome.

Newly supported elements and attributes

Check out the latest HTML5 elements and attributes supported in Microsoft Edge.


The sandbox attribute enables security restrictions for iframe elements that contain untrusted content. These restrictions enhance security by preventing untrusted content from performing actions that can lead to potentially malicious behavior.

Selection API

The selection object represents the active selection, which is typically a highlighted block of text or other elements in the document. The active selection can be used to complete an action issued by a user or a script.


Using HTML5 video you can embed a full featured video player on your webpage without requiring a third-party plug-in or JavaScript.