Folder upload

Microsoft Edge supports uploading files, folders, and combinations of files and folders using APIs that are interoperable with Chrome.

API Description
DataTransferItem.webkitGetAsEntry method Returns the WebKitEntry object (a file or directory) corresponding to the DataTransferItem.
WebKitEntry interface Represents a file or directory. (Use the isDirectory and isFile properties to determine what it is.)
WebKitDirectoryReader interface Provides the readEntries method to traverse the files in the given directory.
WebKitFileSystem interface Provides an interface to the (sandboxed) file system for the upload. You can use the filesystem property of a WebKitEntry object to get the globally unique name and the root folder of the file system being used for the drag and drop (or file/folder picker) operation. Current support is scoped to drag-and-drop scenarios via webkitGetAsEntry (and not file/folder picker).


This snippet demonstrates how to differentiate between the files and folders of an item that's been selected for upload.

See this example by Microsoft Edge Docs on CodePen.

API Reference

FileSystem API


FileSystem API