Multimedia features

Encrypted Media Extensions (EME)

Encrypted Media Extensions extends the video and audio elements to enable Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected content without using plug-ins.

Media Capture and Streams

The Media Capture and Streams API allows webpages to access media capture devices like webcams or microphones with permission from the user.

Media Source Extensions (MSE)

Media Source Extensions extends HTML5 video and audio elements to enable streaming without the need for plugins or special servers. MSE enables adaptive media streaming, live streaming, splicing videos, video editing, and more.

Web Audio

Web Audio is a high-level JavaScript API for processing and synthesizing audio in web applications to provide rich gaming audio and music experiences.

Web Speech API

Web Speech API a JavaScript API made up of two parts: speech recognition and speech synthesis (or text to speech). At this time Microsoft Edge supports only speech synthesis. Speech synthesis involves the conversion of text to speech that a user hears through their speakers.