Media Source Extensions (MSE)

Microsoft Edge supports MPEG-DASH media streaming through Media Source Extensions (MSE). MSE extends the HTMLMediaElement (video and audio elements) to allow audio and video streaming without the need for plugins or special servers. MSE allows adaptive media streaming, live streaming, splicing videos, video editing, and more.

You can build custom adaptive streaming solutions using Media Source Extensions. An adaptive streaming solution would look for the optimal bit rate, based on network bandwidth and CPU utilization, to provide the highest quality streaming experience. For example, if the network bandwidth drops, you can use MSE to programmatically switch the video stream to a lower bit rate. This reduces the quality of the image, but allows the video to keep playing without interruptions.

You can also dynamically splice videos together. This allows to you insert ads or other content during media playback without having to put the clips in the media files beforehand.

New in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge introduced enhanced support for MSE to align with the current W3C Media Source Extensions specification. This includes:

MPEG-DASH and streaming reference and resources

Here's a list of resources to get info on MPEG-DASH, Azure, tools, and more.

Microsoft resources

  • MPEG-DASH Tutorial gives you a good overview of DASH and how to use the dash.js player in your webpage.
  • Microsoft Azure Media Services is Microsoft's cloud computing solution. Azure Media Services can help you deploy full media apps with DASH or fallback technology, with or without Digital Rights Management (DRM) on many devices and platforms.
  • HTML5 Audio and Video contains the Media Source Extensions and Encrypted Media Extensions reference content, which outlines the signature and some basic info about the APIs.
  • Smooth Streaming is an IIS Media services extension that lets you stream audio and video to Silverlight and other clients over HTTP connections.
  • Microsoft Playready is a widely deployed DRM technology.
  • Microsoft Azure Media Services offers DASH and other streaming solutions

Third party resources

Here are some links to specs, libraries, and tools that can help you learn more about MPEG-DASH and build your own files.

API Reference

HTML5 Audio and Video

Online Professional Quality Video: Premium media experiences without plug-ins in Internet Explorer 11


Media Source Extensions