Meta referrer

Microsoft Edge offers a meta referrer, <meta name="referrer">, to specify what information about a webpage should be passed in the HTTP header to any request sent from the page. Traffic remains encrypted and all the benefits of HTTPS remain, but the passing of referral data can be controlled between HTTPS and HTTP sites.

    <meta name="referrer" content="origin">

Developers can specify meta referrer behavior using one of the following content values:

Value Description
default Full URI if HTTP, blank if HTTPS.
never Pass nothing.
origin Pass the origin only.
always Pass the full URI always.

Meta Referrer Demo

Test the meta referrer tags by changing the values in the "Stuff for <head>" section of the "Settings" in this Codepen.

See this example by Microsoft Edge Docs on CodePen.

API Reference

Referrer property


Referrer Policy