Progressive Web App debugging

Test out the experimental support for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in Microsoft Edge and DevTools by selecting the Enable service workers option from about:flags (and restarting Microsoft Edge).

If a site makes use of Service Workers and/or the Cache API, DevTools will populate entries in the Debugger panel for each origin, similar to how web storage and cookies inspection work:

 DevTools Service Workers and Cache managers

Service Workers manager

Clicking on a specific service worker entry will open up the Service Worker Overview, where you can force Update and manage the service worker registration (Unregister) for the given scope and send a test Push notification. You can also Stop/Start individual service workers and Inspect them from a separate debugger window:

Service Worker Overview pane

Please note the following about service worker debugging:

  • Debugging a service worker will launch a new instance of the DevTools separate from the page's tools because service workers can be shared across multiple tabs.
  • The Elements and Emulation panels are absent from the service worker debugger, given that service workers run in the background and do not directly control the front-end of your app.
  • Currently network traffic for a service worker is only reported from the DevTools debugging instance for that worker, and not from the central instance for the page itself.

Service Worker debugging instance

Cache manager

Clicking on a specific cache entry will open up the Cache manager, where you can inspect and optionally delete cache entries (Request and Response key/value pairs):

Cache manager


Cache manager

Action Shortcut
Refresh Ctrl + F5
Delete item Del
Copy selected items Ctrl + C
Select all Ctrl + A