Upload A YouTube Video

Submit a promotional YouTube video for your listing in the Microsoft Edge Addons catalog (Microsoft Edge Addons). You may upload your YouTube promotional video in Microsoft Edge Addons listing page of your Extension submission on Partner Center. This video is displayed on your product page in Microsoft Edge Addons.

Before you begin

  1. Verify that the content of YouTube video complies with the Microsoft Edge Addons Catalog Developer Policies document. You must pass certification before publishing your Extension in Microsoft Edge Addons.
  2. Disable advertisements for the video that you want to embed. For more information about how ads are enabled and disabled on YouTube, see the Set your default ad formats and Ads on embedded videos pages.
  3. Turn on embedding for your videos. For more information about embedding YouTube videos, see the Embed videos & playlists page.

Submit YouTube URL in your listing

Use the following procedures to upload YouTube video:

  1. Locate on YouTube the video that you are adding to your listing in Microsoft Edge Addons.
  2. Under your video, click Share > Embed. Copy the HTML code that appears in the box.
  3. Paste the HTML code in the YouTube URL field on your Listing page.