Microsoft Edge Add-ons roadmap

This roadmap article describes the latest updates about new Partner Center features for Microsoft Edge extensions. We update this information frequently, so be sure to check back often.


Released features for Microsoft Partner Center change often. Partner Center continues to evolve based on market changes and customer feedback. The features described in this article are also subject to change.

Features and status

This table lists upcoming features and their current status.

Feature description Status
Publish and update extensions to Microsoft Edge Add-ons using APIs.
Once this feature is available, you can integrate APIs directly into your Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. You can also publish extension package updates to the Microsoft Edge Add-ons website without using Partner Center.
In development.
This feature is actively being worked on by our engineers.
Developers can add their contact information, for users to reach out and report extension specific issues through the extension webpage on the Edge Add-ons website.
The developer support information will be shown on the product page of an extension. This information will allow users to directly reach out to the extension developer for extension-specific support.
In pipeline.
This feature is currently in our backlog.

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