Registering for a Windows Developer account and reserving names in Partner Center

Partner Center lets you publish and manage all of your apps for Windows devices. You can sign up for a developer account here, and refer to the opening a developer account documentation for any questions you may have about the sign up process.


You will need a Microsoft account to sign up for a developer account.

Multi-users organization account management for Microsoft Store

In a large organization, you may assign different roles to different accounts for managing your Microsoft Edge Extension. You can assign different roles using Azure Active Directory to manage account users in your Partner Center account.

For example, you could set up the following structure:

  • The engineering team is responsible for creating and uploading the package.
  • The marketing team is responsible for the distribution of the extension.
  • The creative team is responsible for uploading creative assets and screenshots of the extension.

Each user/group/or Azure AD application is assigned a role that gives them a specific set of permissions to the account.

Name reservation

Reserving a name is the first step towards getting your extension in the Microsoft Store. It's recommended that you reserve the name of your extension as soon as possible through Partner Center before it gets taken by someone else. You can do this even if you haven’t started building your extension yet.


The name chosen here has to match the name that is specified in the JSON manifest for the extension. 

You can also reserve additional names to use for your extension, which is especially useful if you are offering the extension in multiple languages and want to use different names for different languages. You can find more information on localization in Localizing extension packages.


Once you've reached out to us and have been approved to have your extension in the Microsoft Store, check out the app submission checklist.