Webhint Vs Code Extension

Use webhint, a customizable linting tool, to improve the accessibility, performance, cross-browser compatibility, PWA compatibility, and security of your site. It checks your code for best practices and common errors. This open-source project, initially developed by the Microsoft Edge team, is now part of the OpenJS Foundation. The Microsoft Edge team continues to contribute to webhint alongside web developers in the community.

Screenshot of webhint VS Code extension

Screenshot of webhint VS Code extension

Identify and fix problems in your HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, and more by adding the webhint extension for VS Code. Hints appear as inline underlines and are summarized in the Problems pane.


This extension uses a default configuration json file that activates hints and parsers for HTML, CSS, templating systems (JSX/TSX, Angular, and so on), JavaScript/TypeScript, and more.

    "connector": "local",
    "extends": [
    "formatters": [
    "hints": [
    "hintsTimeout": 10000,
    "parsers": [

If you want more control over the hints and parsers that get activated, create a local .hintrc file to configure webhint. For help with output from specific hints, see webhint user guide.

Getting in touch with the webhint team

Send your feedback by filing an issue in webhint GitHub repo.

To contribute to the extension, see webhint VS Code extension contribution guide.

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