Threading model

The WebView2 control is based on the Component Object Model (COM) and must run on a Single Threaded Apartments (STA) thread.

Thread safety

The WebView2 must be created on a UI thread. Specifically a thread with a message pump. All callbacks occur on that thread and requests into the WebView2 must be done on that thread. It is not safe to use the WebView2 from another thread.

The only exception is for the Content property of CoreWebView2WebResourceRequest. The Content property stream is read from a background thread. The stream should be agile or be created from a background STA to prevent performance impact to the UI thread.


Callbacks including event handlers and completion handlers run serially. If you have an event handler running and begin a message loop, no other event handlers or completion callbacks are able to begin running in a reentrant manner.


Some WebView2 events read values set on their event args or perform some action after the event handler completes. If you also need to run an asynchronous operation such an event handler, you may use the GetDeferral method on the event args of the associated events. The returned Deferral object ensures the event handler is not considered complete until the Complete method of the Deferral is requested.

For instance, you may use the NewWindowRequested event to provide a CoreWebView2 to connect as a child window when the event handler completes. But if you need to asynchronously create the CoreWebView2, request the GetDeferral method on the NewWindowRequestedEventArgs. After you have asynchronously created the CoreWebView2 and set the NewWindow property on the NewWindowRequestedEventArgs, request Complete on the Deferral object be returned using the GetDeferral method.