Get started debugging WebView2 apps

The goal of the Microsoft Edge WebView2 control is to combine the best of both the web and native app development features and tools. When you develop your WebView2 app, you should debug your app. This article outlines the different tools to use to debug both your web and native code in your WebView2 app.

Use Microsoft Edge (Chromium) Developer Tools to debug web content displayed in WebView2 controls, in the same way that you may debug for another webpage displayed in Microsoft Edge. To open the DevTools, set focus on the WebView control and then use one of the following actions.

  • Select F12.
  • Select Ctrl+Shift+I.
  • Open the context menu (right-click) and choose Inspect.

For more information, navigate to DevTools overview.

DevTools debugging

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Getting in touch with the Microsoft Edge WebView team

Share your feedback to help build richer WebView2 experiences. To submit feature requests or bugs, or search for known issues, navigate to the Microsoft Edge WebView feedback repo.