About the Admin portal

Microsoft Search lets you use Bing to search your organization for SharePoint sites and files, internal websites, people, Office 365 groups, and more. Use the Admin portal to manage all aspects of Microsoft Search.

The Microsoft Search Admin portal is organized around these areas:

  • Dashboard

    Get a quick overview of bookmark and Q&A results, see top search queries, and how your results are performing

  • Bookmarks

    Create promoted results to help people find important tools and resources within the organization by placing them at the top of Bing results

  • Q&As

    Answer the most frequently asked questions in your organization

  • Locations

    Show map results and address information for buildings, offices, campuses, and other important places

  • Users and permissions

    Manage portal access for administrators and editors, and provide or restrict access to Microsoft Search within your organization

  • Content settings

    Control the look and feel of Microsoft Search results on Bing

  • Tools

    Use browser extensions and other tools to create and import content, minimize the number of times users are prompted to sign in, and find work results on Bing

  • Connected services

    Select the information and data sources you want to include in Microsoft Search results

Who can access the Admin portal

To access the Microsoft Search Admin portal, you must have one of the following roles:

  • Global admin

  • Microsoft Search admin, assigned by a global admin

  • Microsoft Search editor, assigned by a Microsoft Search or a global admin

Go to the Microsoft Search Admin portal

You can get to the Admin portal any time going to the Explore Microsoft Search page and clicking Admin login.