Content settings

With Microsoft Search, you can ensure a familiar look and feel for results that come from content sources within your organization, such as SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, or your company intranet.

  • Organization name

    In most cases Microsoft Search uses the organization name defined in the Microsoft 365 admin center. To change the name that appears with your work results, enter a new one. It can be up to 50 characters.

  • Logo

    Your logo appears on all Microsoft Search results for your organization. Logos must be either PNG or GIF files. Files shouldn't exceed 1 MB in size or be larger than 48px in height. Images will be scaled to 48px to maintain the aspect ratio. A larger image size may not display correctly.

  • Color

    Use the color palette to select the accent color for your organization's work results.

  • Feedback email address

    Microsoft Search results include a feedback link for suggestions and comments from users. In the Feedback email address field, enter the address feedback should be sent to.

  • Query suggestions

    Suggest searches for new Microsoft Search users to try. Enter up to five sample searches that are likely to return results for all users.

  • Business results

    Decide if you want to show work results every time your users search.

  • Conversation results

    Include relevant public or group conversation results from Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Yammer when your users search.

Configure these settings in the Microsoft Search Admin portal, just click Content settings in the navigation pane.

Only Microsoft 365 global admins or Microsoft Search admins can change content settings. Microsoft Search editors can view them but can't change them.