Create and manage bookmarks


Microsoft Search in Bing settings are now available in the Microsoft 365 admin center. Get started by assigning search admins in your admin center.

Create bookmarks

Bookmarks help you promote the best possible results for your user's work-related queries. The more bookmarks you publish, the more value and benefit you add for users.

Manage bookmarks

Use the bookmark status, filtering tools, and bulk export/import tools to find and update bookmark content, including title, keywords, and URLs.

Bookmark status

In the Admin portal, you can view bookmarks by their current status:

  • Published

    Published bookmarks appear in Bing search results when an authorized user searches for a keyword.

  • Draft

    If a bookmark isn't ready to publish, save it as a draft. Draft bookmarks will not appear on Bing.

  • Scheduled

    Scheduled bookmarks are automatically published on a future date.

  • Expired

    Expired bookmarks were automatically removed from published content based on their expiration dates.

  • Suggested

    Suggested bookmarks are based on feedback from users. You may also see default suggestions from Microsoft.