Features of Microsoft Search

Key admin features include:

  • Enterprise bookmarks

    Find sites, tools, and other information within your enterprise

  • Enterprise Q&As

    Answer the most frequently asked questions in your organization

  • Import and export bookmarks and Q&As

    Streamline creating and updating with bulk importing, exporting, and editing

  • Locations

    Find addresses and locate your organization's buildings, offices, and other workspaces on a map

  • Management

    Configure, create content, and define search keywords and phrases

  • Users and permissions

    Your Global Administrator or Microsoft Search administrator authorizes additional admins who manage the Microsoft Search configuration, editors who create content, and end users who have access to Microsoft Search

  • Analytics

    Understand how your organization is using Microsoft Search

Key end-user features include:

  • People

    Find people and understand their role within the company, what they're working on, and ways to contact them

  • Organizational charts

    Understand a person's place within the company and easily browse their peers, management, and direct reports

  • Files

    Find contextual and relevant files saved on SharePoint and OneDrive for Business

  • Office 365 groups

    Find a group by its name or members, explore groups a person belongs to, and browse shared content

  • Resources and tools

    Get links to internal and external resources, tools, and more to easily find the information you need

  • SharePoint sites

    Search for a site by name or see results for a person or group

  • Teams and Yammer conversations

    Find contextual and relevant results from public and group conversations

  • Locations

    Find address and map results for buildings, offices, campuses, and more

  • First-run experience

    The first time a user signs in to Microsoft Search and goes to Bing, they'll get information about using it and the types of work results they'll find when they search