Use the Insights Dashboard


This article applies to the Microsoft Search in Bing admin portal. We’re moving the portal to the Microsoft 365 admin center, and then it will be removed. We recommend that you use the Microsoft 365 admin center to get started. Overview of Microsoft Search.

Get data insights and see how users are engaging with your results. User the Admin portal Dashboard to:

  • See how many bookmarks and Q&As have been published, scheduled, or suggested

  • See impressions for top search queries that show work results

  • Analyze impression distributions for bookmarks and Q&As

Get details about bookmarks and Q&As

Use the Dashboard to see bookmark or Q&A totals by status:

  • Published: The number of published results that are available to users

  • Scheduled: The number of scheduled results in the publish pipeline

  • Suggested: The number of suggestions from users

Bookmarks and Q&A insight cards in the Dashboard also provide easy access to common tasks:

  • To view bookmark or Q&A results, click Bookmarks or Q&As on the card title

  • To add a bookmark or Q&A, click the create option

  • To bulk add bookmarks or Q&As, click the import option

Review top search queries

Find out which searches have generated the most impressions over the last 90 days. The top 25 user searches for each result type are shown along with the total number of impressions and their click-through rate (CTR). On the Top search queries card you can:

  • To filter by result type, click All results on the menu and select a different result type

  • To see how a result appears on Bing, click a query and the search results page opens in a new tab

  • To see additional search queries, click the left or right arrows on the bottom of the card

Analyze impressions by result type

Easy-to-read graphs in the Impression distribution by result type card show data over various time frames. The summary shows the number of impressions with a percentage calculation for the distribution (number of result type impressions x 100 / total number of impressions). The timeline shows the daily number of impressions for a result type. You can also change the time range for both views and get more details:

  • On the top of the card, click 7 days, 30 days, or 90 days

  • To see a custom range between 0 and 90 days, click Custom range and enter the start and end dates

  • In the timeline, hover on a data point for impressions by result type for a single day