Find resources, tools, and more

Your IT department creates and publishes bookmarks to internal and external resources, tools, pages, and more to help you find the information you need.

Bookmark results include a brief description of the site or resource along with a link to it. For example, most organizations will create bookmarks for benefits, HR, career info, IT support, and time off reporting.

Q&A results will generally include this same information as well as a brief answer that may have the info you need and a link if you want to learn more.

  1. Sign in to your work or school account on Bing

  2. Search for something

    For example, try searching for 'benefits,' 'HR,' 'career info,' 'IT support,' or 'report time off.'

  3. A bookmark or Q&A result appears at the top of the page or right column

    Other web results appear under it. They aren't specific to your organization.