Shifts for Teams

Shifts, the schedule management tool in Teams, keeps your frontline workforce connected and in sync. It's built mobile first for fast and effective schedule management and communications. With Shifts, frontline managers and workers can seamlessly manage schedules and keep in touch.

Managers can create, update, and manage shift schedules for their teams. They can assign shifts, add open shifts, and approve schedule requests from employees. Employees can view their own and their team's schedules, set their availability, request to swap or offer a shift, request time off, and clock in and out.

Use the following resources to help you set up and manage Shifts in your organization.

Set up and manage Shifts

Calendar symbol. Manage Shifts Learn how to manage Shifts for your organization.
Users/people symbol. Manage schedule owners for shift management This feature lets you elevate the permissions of a team member to a schedule owner without making the employee a team owner.
Help symbol. Shifts data FAQ Learn where Shifts data is stored and other topics related to Shifts data, including retention, retrieval, and encryption.

Shifts connectors

If you're using a third-party workforce management (WFM) system for scheduling, you can integrate directly with Shifts through managed Shifts connectors. After you set up a connection, your frontline workers can seamlessly view and manage their schedules in your WFM system from within Shifts.

Connector symbol. Shifts connectors overview Get an overview of Shifts connectors and how they work. Learn about the managed connectors that are available and the supported WFM systems.
Connector symbol. Managed Shifts connectors Managed Shifts connectors, developed in collaboration with our partners, are hosted and managed either by us or our partners. To learn more, see Microsoft Teams Shifts connector for Blue Yonder and Reflexis Shifts connector for Microsoft Teams.
Use the Shifts connector wizard to connect Shifts to Blue Yonder Workforce Management The Shifts connector wizard in the Microsoft 365 admin center helps you to quickly set up a connection to your WFM system. Currently, the wizard supports the Teams Shifts connector for Blue Yonder to integrate Shifts with Blue Yonder Workforce Management.
Use PowerShell to connect Shifts to Blue Yonder Workforce Management Learn how to use PowerShell to set up a connection to Blue Yonder Workforce Management through the Teams Shifts connector for Blue Yonder.
Use PowerShell to manage your Shifts connection to Blue Yonder Workforce Management Get guidance on how to use PowerShell manage your Shifts connection to Blue Yonder Workforce Management after you set it up through the Shifts connector wizard or PowerShell.

Shifts extensions

Three gears - API. Shift Graph APIs Shifts Graph APIs allow you to integrate Shifts data with external workforce management (WFM) systems. You'll have the flexibility to build custom Shifts experiences in the back end, while giving users a rich, front-end experience in Teams.
Process/flow chart symbol. Shifts + Power Automate Shifts + Power Automate lets you take info from Shifts and create custom workflows with other apps and perform operations at scale. Automate key processes with little to no code. The triggers and templates support various scenarios such as enabling auto-approvals for shift requests when a manager’s approval isn't needed.
Get started symbol. Video: What is Shifts? Clock symbol. Video: Create a shifts schedule Blocks symbol. Video: Manage a Shifts schedule