Service phone numbers for Calling Plans

In addition to getting phone numbers for your users, you can get toll or toll-free phone numbers for services such as Audio Conferencing (for conference bridges), Auto Attendants, and Call Queues (also called service numbers). Service phone numbers have a higher concurrent calling capacity than user or subscriber phone numbers. For example, a service number can handle hundreds of calls simultaneously, whereas a user's phone number can only handle a few calls simultaneously.


You have to first set up Communications Credits before you can get toll-free numbers. To learn more, see Set up Communications Credits for your organization.

There are three ways to get service numbers:

  • Use the Microsoft Teams admin center. For some countries and regions, you can get service numbers using the Microsoft Teams admin center. See Get new service numbers.

  • Port your existing numbers. You can port or transfer existing numbers from your current service provider or phone carrier. See Transfer phone numbers to Teams or Manage phone numbers for your organization for more information to help you do this.

  • Use a request form for new numbers. Sometimes (depending on your country or region) you won't be able to get your new phone numbers using the Microsoft Teams admin center, or you'll need specific phone numbers or area codes. If so, you'll need to download a form and send it back to us. See Manage phone numbers for your organization for more information.


Service numbers are needed so you can get a higher concurrent call capacity for a specific number. When you're transferring the number over to us, you can contact the TNS service desk to make sure the service number you're transferring has a high concurrent call capacity.

Get new service numbers

To get new service numbers, in the Teams admin center:

  1. In the left navigation, go to Voice > Phone numbers, and then click Add.

  2. Enter a name for the order and add a description.

  3. On the Location and quantity page, do the following:

    • Under Country or region, select a country or region.
    • Under Number type, select the type of service number that you want.
    • Under Location, select a location. If you need to create a new location, click Add a location.
    • Under Area code, select an area code.
    • Under Quantity, enter the number of numbers that you want for your organization, and then click Next to select your numbers.
  4. Select the numbers you want. You have 10 minutes to select your phone numbers and place your order. If you take more than 10 minutes, the phone numbers will be returned to the pool of numbers.

  5. When you're ready to place your order, click Place order.

Port or transfer existing service numbers

To transfer your phone numbers from your current service provider or carrier to Teams, you can use the porting wizard in the Microsoft Teams admin center. Follow the steps in Transfer phone numbers to Teams.

If your country or region isn't listed in the porting wizard, you can manually submit a port order or go to Manage phone numbers for your organization, select your country or region, and then download a Letter of Authorization (LOA). You'll have to submit separate port orders for each type of service number (for example, toll vs. toll-free) that you'll be transferring by using an LOA. In the LOA, you must select the correct type of service number. Make sure you specify that you're transferring a service number (and not a user or subscriber number), or the concurrent calling capacity may not be enough to handle call volumes.


If you need to get more phone numbers than this, contact the TNS service desk.

View the phone numbers for your organization

In the Teams admin center, in the left navigation, go to Voice > Phone numbers to view the numbers for your organization, including location, number type, and status information.

Assign service phone numbers

After you get your service numbers, assign each number to an Audio Conferencing bridge. See Change the toll or toll free numbers on your Audio Conferencing bridge.

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