Teams sessions at Ignite 2020

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Key segments

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Creating a resilient, inclusive, and hybrid workplace with Microsoft Teams Organizations are moving to a hybrid workplace to support the needs of remote and onsite employees. In the first part, learn how teams can stay connected through Teams meetings, virtual events, and calling, along with new device experiences. We’ll show how the Teams platform can help streamline workflows, improve decision making, and integrate your ecosystem of applications.
Also check out the second part of this series, session code DB158.
Nicole Herskowitz
Meet smarter, stay focused, and achieve more with Microsoft Teams meetings Meetings are the cornerstone for how work gets done. Learn how Teams meetings can help you and your organization be more productive while adapting to a new way of working. Shiraz Cupala
Microsoft Teams Calling Made Simple Enterprise Calling in Teams is simple to deploy and use. Learn the basics of Teams Calling while finding out the latest in Calling such as new calling experiences and collaborative calling. Paul Cannon, Laura Kramer, Barbara Kim
One place for admins to manage Microsoft Teams: What's new in Teams manageability Teams admins have flexible and granular management capabilities. The capabilities lets them craft a custom experience for their organizations that best meets the needs of the business. In this session, we'll introduce the latest and greatest capabilities around our Team Admin Center portal, discuss what's new in policies, app management, device management, reporting, analytics and troubleshooting, and PowerShell. Ronit Ben-Sheffer, Jamie Stark
Scale and Customize Virtual Meetings and Events with Microsoft Teams Meetings come in all shapes and sizes - learn how to use Teams to structure and manage your next large event. Teams can seamlessly scale with your organization’s needs, providing ways to customize and deliver optimal attendee experiences for events of all sizes. Christina Torok, Ashwin Appiah
Power modern meeting experiences across the hybrid workplace using Microsoft Teams devices Introduction to Microsoft Teams devices. Teams devices are designed to help people maximize the power of Teams and bridge the gap between remote and shared workspaces. Learn about the devices designed to deliver people-centric meeting room experiences and reimagined personal workspaces enabling more inclusive and collaborative experiences with Microsoft Teams devices. Kendra Baker, Greg Baribault
Transforming the modern workplace with Microsoft Teams Platform Learn about all the new and existing extensibility points within the Teams platform. Discover how you can create powerful apps and solutions to solve your business needs. Archana Saseetharan, Michal Lesiczka
Reimagining work with the Microsoft 365 Platform The Microsoft 365 platform helps organizations tailor every facet of their environment to help people work and collaborate better. Discover how every app can go further by adding insights and relevant data from Microsoft Graph. Learn how every app can integrate with the flow of work across apps, including Microsoft Teams. See how apps can deliver unique, engaging experiences across devices. Take advantage of key building blocks that can speed app creation. Yina Arenas, Mike Ammerlaan
Simplify work with low-code solutions for Microsoft Teams & Microsoft 365 Teams and Microsoft 365 are platforms for everyone, even if you don't have any professional development experience. Come see how low-code innovations for Teams and Microsoft 365 are making it easier for teams to build and use custom apps, bots, automation, and data to address challenging business processes. Karan Nigam, Weston Lander
Managing Security and Compliance in Microsoft Teams Enabling secure, remote work is important. In this session, learn about the latest Teams features and functionalities across security and compliance. We'll cover how to use the intelligence and strength of Microsoft 365 within Teams to keep your organization secure and compliant. Topics include keeping your information protected against data leaks, enabling safe and inclusive meetings, and maintaining a compliant organization across world-wide regulations and business requirements. John Gruszczyk

Pre-recorded sessions

Meetings, Calling, and Devices

Title Abstract Level Speakers
Innovation in Teams meetings and devices with intelligence We're continuously innovating and reimagining meetings. Learn how we're bringing more intelligence in meetings and our latest innovation in devices that bring intelligence to life. 200 Shalendra Chhabra
Advanced calling capabilities Go deeper with Calling as we explore the new calling experience. Receive further information on Collaborative Calling, e911, Location-Based Routing and other features. Learn how Calling is ready for your advanced scenarios no matter the size of your company. 200 Alan Xie, Roy Kuntz
Microsoft Teams devices for shared spaces Microsoft Teams devices are designed to help people maximize the power of Teams and bridge the gap between remote and shared workspaces. With Teams meetings features, customer-centric room experiences, and industry-leading hardware, users benefit from low-friction, inclusive, and interactive meetings. Meeting features are available whether users join remotely or in the meeting room. Learn how shared space devices like Microsoft Teams Rooms, collaboration bars and Surface Hub can help your teams stay connected and collaborative across the hybrid workplace. 200 Greg Baribault, Kendra Baker, Sandhya Rao
On Skype for Business? Design your path to Microsoft Teams Join this session to learn and determine the most suitable approach based on your current Skype for Business implementation and business goals. Whether you're a Skype for Business Online or Server customer, we'll share hints, resources, and guidance to get to Microsoft Teams today. 200 Lisa McKee, Laszlo Somi
Modern innovation in Teams personal devices Customers are looking for the right personal devices for Teams, especially as many of their employees are working remotely. Join us to learn about new innovations in Teams personal devices.We'll share our momentum in features and certified devices and our hints for remote work. 200 Sandhya Rao, Arash Ghanaie-Sichanie, Kruthika Ponnusamy
Master virtual breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams meetings Join us to learn about the latest innovations with virtual breakout rooms in Teams. In this session, we'll highlight use cases and best practices for facilitating small group ideation, brainstorming, learning, and discussions with virtual breakout rooms. 200 James Skay, Nakul Madaan
Make your Teams meetings safe and inclusive with meeting and video conferencing controls Join this session to learn more about meetings safety, security, and moderation. We highlight the ability to hard mute all attendees, request to speak functionality, and configuring breakout rooms. We'll cover features such as reactions and raised hands that can help make meetings more inclusive. 200 Nakul Madaan, Rajiv Ramaiah
Microsoft Teams Calling and Meetings as a platform Learn about Teams Calling and Meetings platform capabilities with updates to Microsoft Graph Cloud Communications APIs, Contact Center, and Compliance Recording. We'll share coming news in other platform experiences. 200 Srividhya Chandrasekaran, Mansoor Malik
Leverage Teams to deliver engaging virtual events for your employees, customers, and communities Join this session to learn how Microsoft Teams can seamlessly scale to help deliver events of all types. Imagine company townhalls, training webinars, and online conferences. We'll also share vision and roadmap for features to help scale and customize your virtual meetings and events. 200 Christina Torok, Ashwin Appiah
Best practices for delivering more efficient and impactful meetings with Microsoft Teams Teams Meetings are evolving and integrating deeply in the continuum of collaboration. We make meetings more productive, secure, and inclusive. Innovation in Teams will help you better prepare, execute, and streamline meetings. In this session, we'll showcase hints to help you get the most of your meetings and stay in the flow of work. 200 Shiraz Cupola

Deployment, Management, and Security

Title Abstract Level Speakers
Driving Adoption with Virtual Events: Best practices for organizers and producers This real world lessons session will review our Virtual Event Playbook for event organizers and IT professionals. Learn from Karuana Gatimu, technical producer of key flagship events for Microsoft Teams Engineering during the initial stages of the pandemic. Hear guidance gathered from the Microsoft transition to virtual events. You can use Teams Meetings and Live Events to deliver compelling events that keep your organization connected. 300 Karuana Gatimu, Ashwin Appiah
Deep dive on governance for Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams View this hands-on demonstration of governance capabilities and tools that will manage your end-users experience of Microsoft Teams. You'll feel confident about the security and compliance of your information. Includes configuration of Azure Active Director add-on capabilities. 300 Karuana Gatimu
Driving Industry Adoption - Special scenarios and features for Frontline, non-profit, healthcare, and more. This scenario-driven session reviews features, both existing and new, in the context of the IT professionals who must deliver on them. The session includes end-user and ITPro templates and mobile features 200 Karuana Gatimu, Kathy Minnis
So are you ready to deploy Microsoft Teams? In this session, we'll walk through all the key products and resources that can help you ensure your Teams rollout is successful. Featuring tools, resources, and hints, this session is a must attend if the planning and deployment of Teams is on your to-do list! 300 Stephen Rose
Teams Deployment and Microsoft End Point Manager View hands-on demonstrations around best practices to help you deploy and manage Microsoft Teams via End-Point Manager 300 Mayunk Jain, Mayank Verma
Essentials for managing Microsoft Teams; Advanced manageability controls Microsoft Teams is designed with IT in mind, providing management capabilities for collaboration, meetings, callings, and apps. Explore the full range of management features available. Configuring, managing, and monitoring Microsoft Teams are just a few. We'll walk through the full scope of controls - from enabling a smoother onboarding experience to ongoing maintenance and optimization of your environment. 200 Ronit Ben-Sheffer, Jamie Stark
Managing Security and Compliance in Microsoft Teams Delivering a secure collaboration experience is essential. Review the security and compliance features for Microsoft Teams from an ITPro perspective. Policy management, content management, retention procedures, and communication compliances will be covered. See the full compliment of capabilities for secure, compliant collaboration! 300 John Gruszczyk
Microsoft Teams Device Management Essentials The Windows AI Platform provides ML professionals with the OS infrastructure they need in order to successfully build and deploy ML experiences on Windows. Windows ML, the platform's inferencing API, is revolutionizing how Windows developers deploy and execute ML models. Windows ML has an easy-to-use interface that simply works on any Windows device. Use the newly available Windows ML redistributable package and leverage DirectML in your ONNX Runtime usage on Windows. Get the info you need to set up the preview enabling GPU-based ML training workloads inside the Windows Subsystem for Linux. 200 Kyle Spiess, Sid Roy
Create devops workspaces in Microsoft Teams See how you can use Microsoft Teams and apps to build a hub for your DevOps teams. 200 Sid Uppal


Title Abstract Level Speakers
Microsoft Teams Mobile App: What's new & What's Next Check out what's new and what's coming next across the Microsoft Teams mobile clients. 100 Marissa Salazar
Driving wellbeing and inclusion with Microsoft Teams People need to feel included. People need to be encouraged to be present during their personal time. People need to be empowered with the right tools to set them up for success in their role. Learn how Teams empowers inclusive teamwork by ensuring everyone collaborates in the way that works best for them and balance work and life. 100 Chris Bryan, Ali Oberg
Collaborate inside and outside your organization with chat and channels in Microsoft Teams Instant messaging remains one of the most efficient means of communication. Without appropriate planning, instant messaging can limit who can participate. Learn how to apply chat and channel conversations to foster more open collaboration with people inside and outside your organization. We’ll discuss the differences, best practices, and upcoming features in this area. 200 Karuana Gatimu, Luis Escobar Reyes, Somak Bhattacharyya


Title Abstract Level Speakers
Digitize and transform business processes with no-code building blocks and app templates in Microsoft Teams Organizations are transforming approvals, task management, and crowd sourcing the organization for top ideas. Use embedded building blocks and production-ready app templates to digitize and streamline key processes. In this session, we’ll share how customers are using these solutions without any custom development required. See how some recent innovations can help simplify these processes. 200 Wes Lander, Aditya Challapally, Christopher Bryan
Build richer meetings experiences with Microsoft Teams apps using new meetings extensibility points Learn how developers can use new meetings extensibility points to integrate their Teams apps across the meetings surfaces. Apps are used throughout the meetings lifecycle (pre, during, post). Apps provide users a richer collaboration experience within meetings. 300 Rajesh Rangarajan, Isabella Lubin
Navigating the Teams app lifecycle Understand the tools you need to securely and efficiently manage the Teams app lifecycle. The lifecycle starts with developers and IT admins and continues to end users. We'll cover Teams app development, validation, submission, configuration, permissions, and deployment that will help you navigate app management and adoption. 300 Joey Glocke, Vaibhav Agarwal
Explore how to integrate and power mobile experiences in your Teams apps Collaborating through mobile devices is a critical component of how we get work done today. You use mobile as a companion experience or as your primary means. Teams offers all the features you need to stay on top of your work, keep in touch with your team and be productive. Join us to learn about what’s new and coming soon as we cover Personal apps on Mobile and Mobile Device capabilities you can use to build Mobile first apps for your employees. 300 Anuj Bahl, Vikramjit Singh Chug
Build custom apps, bots, and automation for Microsoft Teams with low-code capabilities Building custom solutions for Teams. We'll plunge into the Teams + Power Platform integration to show how users can create custom digital tools - even if they have no developer experience 300 Pete Daderko, Geneve Estrada
Elevate user experiences with Teams and Adaptive Card Teams platform with Adaptive Cards enables building beautifully integrated and actionable user experiences in Teams. In this session, we'll cover how developers can leverage new capabilities to build contextual and compliant experiences that elevate collaboration in Teams. 300 Suryamanohar Mallela, Shubham Chauhan
Tips and Tricks: Best practices and common challenges when building Microsoft Teams apps We cover some common challenges developers run into as they build Teams apps. Developers will leave this session with tips and insights they can use as they continue their Teams app development journey. 400 Adrian Solis, Erin Bailie
Building friction-free apps & enabling seamless adoption using authorization and authentication capabilities and Microsoft Graph Develop apps with powerful capabilities like Single Sign-On (SSO), Resource-Specific Consent (RSC), and granular permissions. IT Admins can learn how to leverage Graph APIs to automate app lifecycle/management. 400 Nick Kramer


Title Abstract Level Speakers
Deployment and governance of Teams for Education Understand holistic governance for your educational institution. This session covers chat policies, meeting policies, app policies, assignments through groups, how to configure student safety, and methods for automating team class creation. 300 Jethro Seghers
Virtual health and collaboration with Microsoft Teams in healthcare Healthcare organizations can use Microsoft Teams to empower health teams. This session will focus on virtual health and health team collaboration. Dive deep into areas like the latest announcements for Teams in healthcare, virtual visits, customer stories, and more. You'll also learn how to use Microsoft Teams as a platform for addressing many current healthcare scenarios. 200 Evan Westenberger, Tom McGuinness, Kristina Behr, Daniel Canning
Tailor Microsoft Teams for your Industry We'll share details about how to bootstrap your collaboration experiences with Templates. Use our Industry Gallery. Customize those templates to your organization needs. Deploy templates to various parts of our organization. Manage through policy packages. 200 Prem Kuchi, Aaron Glick
Collaboration and Communication using Microsoft Teams in Government State, local and federal agencies use Microsoft Teams to collaborate and improve response times and citizen engagement. Learn to maximize your use of existing features. Discover what's coming next and our future vision for Microsoft Teams in government. 200 Rima Reyes, Karuana Gatimu, Roxy Ndebumadu, Sarah Gilbert
Integrate with Microsoft Teams for Education App Platform Teams is an open platform for educational institutions to integrate apps and create custom workflows. We’ll cover how the Teams app store is used across classroom teaching to integration with IT help desks. Learn about third-party app governance, open-source app templates. View a hands-on example of App Studio to create a quick custom website app for your institution. 300 Dominic Williamson
Remote and hybrid learning with Teams for Education We go in depth on everything you need to know for remote and hybrid learning. We include how to create online meetings with the right meetings options and policies. See how to create class teams through automation. Learn how to support collaborative classroom environments. 200 Juliano Menegazzo Souza

Frontline Worker

Title Abstract Level Speakers
Enable Business Continuity for your Frontline Workforce with Microsoft Teams As organizations continue to adjust their operations and workforce to maintain business continuity, new capabilities in Microsoft Teams help Frontline Workers stay focused on meeting customer needs. This session will focus on Shifts, Tasks, and core communication along with Walkie Talkie capabilities to create a secure and centralized user experience that saves you time and money. 200 Scott Morrison, Zoe Hawtof
Deploy and Manage Teams Enabled Devices to Meet the Diverse Needs of your Frontline Workforce Learn how to deploy Frontline specific devices that enable new ways for workers to focus on the job in front of them. This walkthrough will include scenarios for Teams Walkie Talkie and hands-free collaboration. 200 Abid Chaudhry, James Ellis
Manage Distributed Frontline Workforces with Capabilities in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center Discover best practices and practical guidance around popular IT deployment and management scenarios in Microsoft 365 for Frontline Workers. Learn how to build the right experience in Microsoft Teams and successfully rollout the solution to support your Frontline workforce. 300 Irina Parsina, Zoe Hawtof