Manage phone numbers for your organization

There are three ways to get both user and service (toll and toll-free) numbers for your organization.

  • Get numbers in the Microsoft Teams admin center.
  • Transfer or "port" your existing numbers over to us.
  • Use a request form for new numbers that aren't listed in the Microsoft Teams admin center.


In Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Spain, you can't get phone new phone numbers using the Microsoft Teams admin center. You have to download and fill out a form. For new phone numbers in Australia, see Telstra Voice Services.

If you know what kind of forms you are looking for use the drop-down to select the country/region where you're getting numbers.

Select your country or region to find the downloadable forms you need

Here's a bit more information about these number request forms

Request forms for new phone numbers

Each country or region has different instructions, different types of numbers (geographic/non-geographic and service (toll/toll-free) and rules/regulations for getting phone numbers so they can be used in Teams.

Sometimes (depending on your country/region) you won't be able to get new user (subscriber) or service (toll or toll-free) numbers using the Microsoft Teams admin center, or you might need specific phone numbers or area codes.

If so, you'll need to download the correct PDF form (per country/region and the type of numbers) and send it back to us. Our service desk will take it from there and will let you know about the progress or your order.

Letters of Authorization (LOAs) for transferring numbers

If you need to transfer phone numbers, you'll to download a Letter of Authorization (LOA), which gives us permission to request, on your behalf, transferring the existing number(s) from a different service provider in case of a dispute. Use an LOA if you have:

  • User numbers that you already have from another carrier.
  • Service (toll) numbers for audio conferencing bridges, auto attendants or call queues.
  • Service (toll-free) phone numbers.
  • You have more than 999 user phone numbers that you need to get but can't get in the Microsoft Teams admin center using the use the Local Number Porting wizard.

If you still need help and aren't sure what to do....

If you still need help, let us know how we can help you. In your Help request, include details such as your organization ID, domains, what types of numbers you need help with, how many numbers you want, authorizing person on the account and other important details about your issue.

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