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1 Create an Office 365 tenant Before your organization can enjoy the benefits of Teams, you must set up an Office 365 tenant. See If you don’t have an Office 365 tenant, see the guidance in the Additional information column. Set up Office 365 for business

If you need additional assistance, the Microsoft FastTrack for Office 365 team is available to assist
2 Purchase Office 365 licenses Based on the outcome of the work you did during the Teams Envision phase, work with your procurement group to ensure that your organization has purchased the necessary license SKUs or add-on services and they’re ready to be assigned to the tenant. Office 365 licensing for Microsoft Teams

Buy licenses for your Office 365 for Business subscription
3 Assign Office 365 licenses to the tenant Typically, you or your licensing administrator will receive a link from Microsoft licensing to add your licenses to your Office 365 tenant.

Depending on which channel you used to purchase licenses, you might need to visit one of the guides listed in the Additional information column.
Add licenses to a subscription paid for using a product key

Add licenses to a subscription purchased through the Volume Licensing Service Center
4 OPTIONAL: Enable Communications Credits Communications Credits is an optional feature that you use to provide toll-free access for your organization’s conference bridge phone numbers, or to give a conference organizer the ability to dial out to international meeting participants.

In addition to the standard Audio Conferencing per-user license, Volume and Licensing organizations can choose a pay-per-minute offer to enable Audio Conferencing capabilities.

Decide whether Communications Credits is required for your organization, and—if it is—enable it by adding the Communications Credits add-on license to your tenant.
What are Communications Credits?

Set up Communications Credits for your organization

Audio Conferencing pay-per-minute
5 Confirm that licenses are available for the Office 365 tenant Go to the Office 365 admin portal and verify that it shows the license SKUs and quantity you expect in your Office 365 tenant.

Use the reference in Additional information to be walked through this process.
What Office 365 for business subscription do I have?
6 Configure your environment for identities. Users can be created in Office 365 directly (in the online deployment model) or synchronized from on-premises Active Directory to your Office 365 tenant.

Determine whether you should use cloud identities, synchronized identities, or federated identities. Determining the proper identity type is out of scope of this checklist; however, you’ll find links to information about these options in the Additional information column.

Note: If you’re using synchronized or federated identities, ensure that the on-premises user principal names (UPNs) match the Office 365 UPNs, and all required attributes are configured for synchronizing with Azure AD Connect. For the attributes that are required for Teams, use the attribute list for Skype for Business Online.
Understanding Office 365 identity and Azure Active Directory

Prepare to provision users through directory synchronization to Office 365

Azure AD Connect sync: Attributes synchronized to Azure Active Directory
7 Confirm tenant administrators Work with your security teams to develop an Office 365 administration model.

Be sure to identify and document all tenant and service administrators.
About Office 365 admin roles
8 Implement administrative roles for your tenant Validate that your administration model meets the needs of your organization, and assign Office 365 admin roles to your administrators. Assign admin roles in Office 365 for business
9 Sign in to the Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) upload your building information. Every Teams deployment should leverage the CQD to gain insights into the quality and reliability of all calls that use Teams.

Use the CQD guidance listed in the Additional information column to get the most benefit from this tool.
Planning for Service Management and Quality

Quality Experience Review Guide

Quality Experience Review templates

Turning on and using Call Quality Dashboard for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Online

Upload building Information
10 Validate that the building information is processed, and Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) is operable for your tenant. Call Quality Dashboard