Configurable tabs


Full support for tabs on mobile clients is coming soon. To prepare for this change you should follow the guidance for tabs on mobile when creating your tabs. Personal apps (static tabs) are currently available in developer preview.

When full support for tabs is released:

  • All tabs will always be available on mobile
  • Your contentUrl will be loaded in the mobile Teams client.
  • For channel/group tabs, users can still open your tab in a separate browser via your websiteUrl, however your contentUrl will be loaded first.

A configurable tab becomes part of a channel and provides a single kind of information to a team.

For example:

  • The Planner tab for a channel contains a single plan; the Power BI tab maps to a specific report. Users can drill down to the relevant context, but they should not be able to navigate outside the tab.
  • The Power BI tab doesn't enable navigation to other Power BI reports, but it does enable the Go to website button that launches the report in the main Power BI website.

Configurable tab scope

Configurable tabs are defined in the app manifest, and can have a scope of either team or groupchat, which determine where they can be used in Teams.

  • Teams (team scope) - Tabs in channels allow teams to interact with your shared experience. Currently, all tabs in channels are configurable tabs—a user configures the content of your tab experience when the tab is first added to a channel.
  • Group chat (groupchat scope) - configurable tabs can also be used in group chats. These are conversations between 2 or more users.

Creating a configurable tab

To create a configurable tab read these articles:

You can enable users to create and share deep links to items within your tab, such as a link to an individual task within a tab that contains a task list.