Build apps for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams apps bring key information, common tools, and trusted processes to where people increasingly gather, learn, and work.

Apps are how you extend Teams to fit your needs. Create something brand new for Teams or integrate an existing app.

What are Teams apps?

Teams apps are a combination of capabilities. Some apps are simple (send notifications), while others are complex (manage patient records). When planning your app, remember that Teams is a collaboration hub. The best Teams apps help people express themselves and work better together.

Personal apps

Help people focus: A personal app is a dedicated space or bot to help users focus on their own tasks or view activities important to them.

Conceptual representation of what personal apps look like in the Teams client.


Collaborate more conveniently: Display your web-based content in a tab where people can discuss and work on it together.

Conceptual representation of what tabs look like in the Teams client.


Turn words into actions: Conversations often result in the need to do something (generate an order, review my code, check ticket status, and so on). A bot can kick off these kinds of workflows right inside Teams.

Conceptual representation of what bots look like in the Teams client.

Messaging extensions

Make it easier to multitask: With messaging extensions, you can quickly share external information in a conversation. You also can act on a message, such as creating a help ticket based on the content of a channel post.

Conceptual representation of what messaging extensions look like in the Teams client.

Meeting extensions

Create apps for meetings: There are a few options for incorporating your app into the Teams calling experience.

Conceptual representation of what meeting extensions look like in the Teams client.

Webhooks and connectors

Communicate with external apps: Incoming webhooks are a simple way to automatically send notifications from another app to a Teams channel. With outgoing webhooks, message your web service with an @mention.

Conceptual representation of what connectors look like in the Teams client.

Microsoft Graph for Teams

Utilize Teams data: The Microsoft Graph API for Teams provides access to information about teams, channels, users, and messages that can help you create or enhance features for your app (such as rich notifications).

Conceptual representation of the Microsoft Graph API for Teams.

Start building

Quickly familiarize yourself with building for Teams by setting up your environment and creating a simple app.

Integrate with Teams

Blend the features users love about an existing web app, service, or system with the collaborative features of Teams.

A little code goes a long way

You don't need to be an expert programmer to build a great Teams app. Try one of several low-code solutions.

Get ideas for your app

Looking for app development inspiration? Browse our list of real-world scenarios and industry solutions with high fidelity concept mocks to understand the various ways Teams apps can help your users.

Test your app running across Microsoft 365

You can preview your Teams apps running in other high usage Microsoft 365 experiences with Microsoft Teams JavaScript client SDK v2 Preview.

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