Checklist for Seller Dashboard submission

The following metadata is required in your manifest.json file and for AppSource Seller Dashboard submission.

Data Type Size Manifest Seller Dashboard Description
App package .zip The actual app package for uploading or AppSource submission.
Color logo .png 192×192 pixels icon.color The icon to display in the product page listing in the Teams gallery. This is your full-color product logo.
Logo outline .png 32×32 pixels icon.outline The icon to display in Teams, in the Teams chat channel and other locations. This is your logo rendered as a white outline with transparent background.
App logo .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif 300×300 pixels The icon to display in AppSource. This is the full-color product logo, and is a different file from the one used in the manifest for icon.color. it should be smaller than 512 KB.
Support link URL A link to support material for end users. Can be HTTP or HTTPS.
Privacy link URL developer.privacyUrl A link to your privacy policy (HTTPS).
Video link URL Optional A link to a video about your app.
EULA .doc, .pdf, etc. Optional AppSource requires an end-user licensing agreement (EULA), which you can provide as an attachment. If you choose not to submit a EULA, one will be provided on your behalf.
Terms of service URL developer.termsOfServiceUrl A link to your terms of service (HTTPS).

Localized content


AppSource plans to support localized content for the following metadata. Currently, your app listing will only show in English in AppSource, but will display properly localized in the Teams client. See localizing your app for more information.

Data Type Size Manifest Seller Dashboard Description
App name String 30 name.short The name for your application as it should appear in the storefront and in product.
Long app name String 30 name.full The name for your application as it should appear in the storefront and in product.
Short description String 80 description.short Short description of your app.
Long description String 4000 description.full A more detailed description of your app. In the manifest file, an accurate summary is adequate. In the Seller Dashboard, you can use a richer and formatted description for AppSource product page.
Screen shots (1-5) .png, .jpg, or .gif 1366w x 768h and smaller than 1024 KB At least one screen shot that shows your app experience. Uses on the app details page.

Submission extras for bots

Bots in Microsoft Teams must be created using Bot Framework. See Create a bot for instructions. Use your 96x96 color icon for your bot's icon in Bot Framework.


The screenshots uploaded on the Seller Dashboard are displayed in both Microsoft AppSource and your app listing in the Teams client to provide a visual preview of your app along with your app description.

You can provide 1 to 5 screenshots. They can be .png, .jpg, or .gif files, and should be 1366x768 pixels, with a max size of 1024 KB.

Screenshots submitted on the seller dashboard should:

  • Focus on highlighting your app's capabilities
  • Not show any chrome/UI from outside of your app; do not capture any Teams or browser UI in your screenshots.
  • Content should be representative of the app; do not include mock-ups that do not accurately reflect your apps actual UI
  • Text should be well-populated without being excessive

You can surround your screenshots with a background color and add marketing content similar to the Freshdesk example. In that case the dimensions are not of the screenshot, they are of the overall image.

See more on the subject here: