Notification-only bots in Microsoft Teams


This article is based on the v3 Bot Framework SDK. If you are looking for current documentation version 4.6 or later of the SDK, see the conversational bots section.

If your bot's sole purpose is to deliver notification to users and is not conversational, you can enable the isNotificationOnly field in your app manifest. This produces the following changes:

  • Users cannot message your notification-only bot.
  • Users cannot @mention the bot.


The bot-only apps will surface in the personal app tray in both cases: isNotificationOnly: true or isNotificationOnly: false.

App manifest

To enable this, set isNotificationOnly to true.


Be aware that the value of isNotificationOnly is boolean and not a string.

      "botId":"[Microsoft App ID for your bot]",
      "isNotificationOnly": true,
      "scopes": [

Best practices and limitations