The basics

Now that you’re thinking about building on the Teams platform, here’s a short tour to help you understand how it works for your app.

If someone uses your app every day, this is where they will pin it. This area hosts Activity, Chats, Teams, Meetings, Files, and Apps. It’s also the place users will go to change their settings and send us feedback.

Each app uses this area differently, but in general, it allows users to navigate to specific content like a personal chat, a channel in a team, or a list of upcoming meetings.

Work gets done in the canvas. Conversations happen here. When you build a tab for an app or a channel they’ll show up here too.

When users open a document, this is the view that they will get. To keep things focused, we’ve moved the conversation to a narrow right pane. Keep that size in mind if your service inserts custom cards into chat.

To keep Microsoft Teams easy to use on mobile, we’ve streamlined the functionality. Bots and connector cards will be available in this view and we’ve made sure that if you are using a standard card type, it renders perfectly in our mobile experiences.