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Change Log

The change log lists changes to the Microsoft Teams platform and this document set. At times entries may be used to call attention to a new feature that is simply of interest to Teams developers.

Date Notes Changed topics
06/20/2019 Share an external website, from an external website, into a Teams channel Share to Teams
05/25/2019 Respond with bot message from task module Respond with bot message from task module
05/25/2019 Bots in group chats Interact with a bot in group chat or channel
05/20/2019 App manifest localization App localization
05/20/2019 Message actions Message Actions
05/20/2019 Link unfurling (custom URL previews) Link unfurling
05/06/2019 Application Certification program for store apps Application Certification
05/06/2019 App Templates are now available. App Templates
04/23/2019 Action-based Messaging Extensions are now available Action-based Message Extensions
02/18/2019 Creating deep links to private chat is out of developer preview and available Deep linking to a chat
01/23/2019 Surfacing SKU and licenceType information in the tab context Tab Context
12/03/2018 A new topic has been added discussing how to limit bot availability to specific single tenants. Bots for limited tenants
11/12/2018 Tabs in group chat is now available in the released version of Teams, and has been moved out of developer preview. As part of this work, the tabs section has been reworked for clarity. Configurable tabs
11/11/2018 Getting started for Node JS and for .NET/C# has been updated to use App Studio in Teams, and a new section has been added on hosting Node based Teams apps in Azure. Get started on the Microsoft Teams platform with C#/.NET and App Studio, Get started on the Microsoft Teams platform with Node JS and App Studio, Host your Node Teams app in Azure
11/09/2018 You can now create deep links to private chats between users. Deep linking to a chat
11/08/2018 SharePoint Framework 1.7 has shipped and with it a new feature to use Microsoft Teams tab as a SharePoint Framework web part. Tabs in SharePoint
11/05/2018 The "task module" feature was released. A task module allows you to create modal popup experiences in your Teams application, from both bots and tabs. Inside the popup, you can run your own custom HTML/JavaScript code, show an <iframe>-based widget such as a YouTube or Microsoft Stream video, or display an Adaptive card. Task module Overview, task module in tabs, task module in bots
10/05/2018 Formatting information for cards has been updated, and tested in the desktop, iOS and Android clients for Teams. Cards, Card formatting
09/24/2018 Calls and online meetings APIs for Microsoft Graph were released to beta, and Teams apps can now interact with users in rich ways using voice and video. Calls and online meetings bots, Real-time media concepts, Registering a calling bot, Debugging and local testing, Application-hosted media, Handling incoming call notifications
09/24/2018 New line-of-business scenarios have been added. App scenarios, Line-of-business apps overview
09/11/2018 Tab configuration pages are now significantly taller. Configuration page height
08/15/2018 Adaptive cards are now supported in Teams. Adaptive card, Adaptive card actions in Teams
08/10/2018 Client support for DevTools has been documented for Developer Preview. DevTools for the Microsoft Teams Desktop Client
08/08/2018 Messaging extensions now supports multiple commands. This feature has been in Developer Preview, and is now released to all users. composeExtensions.commands
08/07/2018 Inline configuration is now supported in Connectors. The Connectors documentation has also been revised and expanded for clarity Connectors
08/06/2018 Your bot can now send and receive files. Send and receive files through your bot
07/27/2018 The developer preview now supports multiple commands in messaging extensions. Messaging extensions have been extended
07/23/2018 Information about app re-certification has been added to the Publishing section. Updating your app, Manifest permissions
07/16/2018 In developer preview, more space has been allocated to the tab configuration page. The tab configuration page is significantly taller
07/12/2018 Information on how to ensure your Teams app works on Microsoft Teams Free. How do I make my Teams app work with Microsoft Teams free?
06/07/2018 Pre-release information for the Microsoft Teams Tenant App Catalog has been added. Publish your Microsoft Teams app
05/31/2018 The Teams developer preview (ring 3.6) has been updated to include the ability to add bots and tabs to group chat. Features in the developer preview, Developer preview schema, Featured code samples
05/29/2018 Adaptive cards are now supported in Teams in the developer preview Adaptive card, Adaptive card actions in Teams
05/29/2018 If you are using the developer preview, your bot can now send and receive files. Send and receive files through your bot, Features in the Public Developer Preview for Microsoft Teams
05/02/2018 The app logo image used to identify your app in AppSource has been changed to 300 by 300 pixels. Checklist for Seller Dashboard submission, Use the Seller Dashboard to submit your Microsoft Teams app
04/17/2018 replyToID has been added to the payload for the Invoke and MessageBack card actions. This is especially useful if you need to update the message that the card action came from. Card actions
04/12/2018 Added this topic to track changes to the Teams programming interface and this documentation set. What's new
04/10/2018 Changed authentication URLs to consistently use the tenant ID in the path. Authentication flow for Tabs, AAD Tab authentication
04/06/2018 Added design guidelines for using the Command Box. Command box
04/02/2018 Using bots to send notifications for your app. Notification-only bots
03/27/2018 Expanded documentation for proactive messaging. Starting a conversation
03/15/2018 Refactored documentation for cards. Cards, Card actions, Card formatting, Card reference
03/03/2018 Added documentation for Teams App Studio. Quickly develop apps with Teams App Studio, Using the control library in App Studio
02/27/2018 Added sample code to demonstrate AsTeamsChannelAccounts() method. Get context for your bot
02/05/2018 Added topics for getting started using C#. Get started on the Microsoft Teams platform with C#/.NET

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