Use T-Bot to help users with Microsoft Teams

For help while using Microsoft Teams, ensure your users and champions get familiar with T-Bot. T-Bot is a bot which users can interact with to ask it questions about how to use Microsoft Teams and get answers to a wide range of questions.

Screenshot of the T-Bot page in Microsoft Teams.

Screenshot of T-Bot response to a user question.

Microsoft Teams provides localized language support for T-Bot and help content. New languages are being added all the time. For the most current list of supported languages, see Microsoft Teams supported languages for help content.

T-Bot also provides alternative assistance methods for the users who will prefer browsing the content instead of asking questions to a bot.

Screenshot of assistance options on the T-Bot page, including Conversation, Help, FAQ, Videos, and Release Notes.

Providing a full slate of Help, FAQ, Videos and Release Notes sections via the tabs within the bot.

Screenshots of various assistance options within T-Bot, including Help, FAQ, Videos, and Release Notes.