Stages of the upgrade journey, highlighting the User Readiness stage

This article is part of the User Readiness stage of your upgrade journey, an activity you complete in parallel with the Technical Readiness stage. Before proceeding, confirm that you’ve completed these activities from previous stages:

Prepare a user readiness plan

An optimal user readiness plan incorporates how you’ll communicate with, train, and support your users as you pilot, onboard, and upgrade to Teams. As you discovered in Assess organizational change readiness, readiness is not one-size-fits-all. To ensure optimal receptiveness to the new technology, use a combination of broad-reach messaging (incorporating the vision/value messaging and universal use cases) and messaging, training, and support tailored to the personas and cohorts you’ve defined and also to your laggards, as appropriate. This personalized plan will help facilitate user adoption by enabling users to more quickly relate to Teams, while demonstrating that you understand their needs.


Download the Upgrade Success Kit for template user readiness materials, such as communications and user surveys, in addition to a sample upgrade project plan and pilot test plan.

An icon depicting decision points
Decision points
  • How can you create a readiness plan to facilitate and accelerate user adoption of the new solution?
  • Do you have the right awareness, training, and support resources that align with your users’ ability to deal with change and the user personas you’ve defined?
An icon depicting the next step
Next step
  • Use the list below to generate ideas for your readiness plan. Select the most relevant activities—or add your own—to design a readiness plan optimized for your organization. Remember to use a combination of broad-reach (for your whole organization) and targeted (for laggards or specific personas) campaigns for maximum results.
What communication channels will you leverage?What training channels will you leverage?What support channels will you use?
  • Email
    Tip: Use our sample pilot, coexistence, and upgrade emails to customize your email campaign.
  • Posters and digital signage
  • Launch events
  • Department managers
  • Champions
  • Teams/channels
  • Gamification
  • In-house helpdesk
  • Outsourced support desk
  • Self-service (intranet site)
  • Online help and how-to
  • Floor-walkers and champions
  • Feedback loop (surveys, ratings)

After you’ve created your user readiness plan and associated resources, and your technical readiness is in place, proceed to pilot Teams in your organization.