Using breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams

As a meeting organizer, you can create new breakout rooms at the start of a scheduled meeting.

Create breakout rooms

Use these steps to create a breakout room once a meeting begins:

  1. In the Teams desktop client, select the breakout rooms icon on the control bar.

  2. Use the dropdown menu to select the number of rooms you would like to create. You can create up to 50 breakout rooms in a single meeting.

  3. Choose the breakout room option you prefer:

    • Automatically: Teams divides participants equally between the rooms.
    • Manually: You can choose which room each participant is placed in.
  4. Select Create Rooms. The breakout rooms pane will open.

Start breakout rooms

When you are ready to start your breakout sessions, select Start rooms.

You will see participants leaving the main meeting and joining their breakout rooms.

If a participant leaves their breakout room, the organizer can move the participant back to the breakout room by selecting the ellipses […] next to the participant’s name and then selecting Ask to join.

If a participant joins the main meeting late after breakout rooms have opened, the organizer can add the participant to a breakout room. If the participant misses the notification to join the room, select Ask to join.

Send announcements

The meeting organizer can send announcements to all participants while breakout rooms are open. Select the ellipses […] in the breakout rooms header.

For example, remind participants to @mention the meeting organizer when they need help, or give them a five-minute countdown before pulling them back into the main room. Participants receive the announcement in their breakout rooms’ chat.

Close rooms and pull participants back to the main meeting

Select Close rooms to pull all the participants back to the main room.

Alternatively, select the ellipses […] for a specific breakout room, then select Close room. Once a breakout room is closed, chat for that session is closed. Participants can’t continue to chat there.