View guest users in a team

Anyone in a team can see all members of a team, including guests, via Manage team in Microsoft Teams. Refer to See who's on a team or in a channel for more details.

To identify guest users:

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft 365 admin center.
  2. Select Admin centers > Teams.
  3. In the Microsoft Teams admin center, select Users. You will see guest appended to the display name of any guest users.

You can also identify guest users from within a team that you own.

Guest access vs. external access (federation)

External access (federation) and guest access are different:

  • Guest access gives access permission to an individual. External access gives access permission to an entire domain.

  • Guest access, once granted by a team owner, allows a guest to access resources, such as channel discussions and files, for a specific team, and chat with other users in the team they have been invited to. With external access (federated chat), the external chat participants have no access to the inviting organization’s teams or team resources. They can only participate in one-on-one federated chat. Tenant admins can choose between the two communication options depending on which level of collaboration is desirable with the external party. Admins can choose either approaches or both, depending on their organizational needs, but we recommend enabling guest access for a fuller, collaborative Teams experience.

For a detailed comparison, see Manage external access.