mojang-gametest Module


These APIs are experimental as part of GameTest Framework. As with all experiments, you may see changes in functionality in updated Minecraft versions. Check the Minecraft Changelog for details on any changes to GameTest Framework APIs. Where possible, this documentation reflects the latest updates to APIs in Minecraft beta versions.




register(testClassName: string, testName: string, testFunction: (arg: Test) => undefined): RegistrationBuilder

Registers a new GameTest function. This GameTest will become available in Minecraft via /gametest run [testClassName]:[testName].


Parameter Type Default Value Description
testClassName string n/a Name of the class of tests this test should be a part of.
testName string n/a Name of this specific test.
testFunction (arg: Test) => undefined n/a Implementation of the test function.

Returns RegistrationBuilder - Returns a mojang-gametest.RegistrationBuilder object where additional options for this test can be specified via builder methods.


GameTest.register("ExampleTests", "alwaysFail", (test) => {"This test, runnable via '/gametest run ExampleTests:alwaysFail', will always fail");