Mobile Center Analytics is a mobile apps measurement tool that lets developers understand their end-user population and usage patterns.

Key Features

Scenario Description
One-line integration for Android, iOS, React Native, Xamarin, UWP Simple steps to integrate the SDK and start understanding your users
Overview Key metric about the app usage and users devices
Custom Events Count, user count and custom properties analytics of custom events
Log Flow Check that your SDK is connected and see logs incoming in realtime

Get Started

Getting Analytics only requires you to add the SDK into the app and initialize it with one line of code. Doing this will get the data flowing to Mobile Center and your Analytics immediately. The Overview page will represent your data, albeit minimal, within seconds of your app run.

Get Started on Android

Get Started on iOS

Get Started on React Native

Get Started on Xamarin

Get Started on UWP

Understand your users

Find more details about the overview page and answers to commonly asked questions

Events Metrics

The documentation for Custom Events can be found at Events Metrics. In order to track events follow our SDK Documentation for Android, iOS, React Native, Xamarin, and UWP.

Log Flow

See your incoming activity using Log Flow. More details can be found at Log Flow.