The Mobile Center is free to use while we are in the current “preview” period. We aren’t quite ready to announce pricing yet, but you can be sure that our pricing will be competitive. We’ll also have an ongoing level of free Mobile Center services to support lower-scale apps.

During the preview period we have to set a few usage limits as we get everything working just how you’d expect:


  • 1 concurrent build per account
  • 10 configured branches per app
  • 30 minutes max/build


  • 90-day trial of 1 concurrent device for up to 1 device hour/day
  • Learn more at the Test Cloud site


  • 2000 testers


  • 30 day retention


  • 30 day retention

Once the preview period is complete, we’ll offer a guaranteed service level so you can count on us for your mission-critical apps. If our free tier in Mobile Center isn’t enough to meet your needs, you will be able to purchase Mobile Center services. All billing will be through your Azure account, enabling direct purchasing via credit card, purchasing via the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, and purchasing via partners who are in the Cloud Solution Provider program.

We want your feedback!

Have questions, concerns, or feedback? We want to hear from you! Please email us to provide feedback and help us make a pricing model that works for everyone.