Product Roadmap

The list below presents the tentative roadmap for Mobile Center for the next 3-6 months.

New Mobile Center services

  • Push Notifications

    • Send notifications to:
      • Broadcast
      • Custom device list
      • Audiences
    • Create segments of users based on a set of custom and device properties.
  • CodePush

    • Fast track distribution for React Native apps
    • Users, Apps, Deployments and Releases from existing CodePush apps available in Mobile Center dashboard


  • Apps & data from HockeyApp visible in Mobile Center
  • Apps & data from Xamarin Test Cloud visible in Mobile Center
  • Organizations/Teams setup
    • Ability to create organizations
    • Ability to create teams with similar permissions
  • Email, Webhooks & Slack notifications
  • Issue tracker integration


  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP) SDK support for Analytics and Crashes services
  • Full CLI support for all Mobile Center services to enable automation

Build service

  • Support for customizing your build definitions: secret variables, auto-incrementing of version number and build scripts
  • Carthage dependency manager support for iOS Objective C / Swift apps
  • Support for C#7 and new Visual Studio 2017 project types by moving from xbuild to msbuild for Xamarin apps
  • Improved code signing options for iOS apps, including automatic signing
  • Ability to automate running UI tests in the Test service after each successful build

Test service

  • Full feature parity with Xamarin Test Cloud
  • Support for Espresso & XCUITest

Distribution service

  • UDID (iOS device id) collection. Help with iOS app provisioning by automatically collecting UDID from all tester devices.
  • Re-release builds. You will be able to select a release, and re-release it to an additional distribution group, without needing to download or re-upload the binary package.

Analytics service

  • Continuous Export to Blob Storage
  • Export to Applications Insights
  • Export to SQL Database

Crashes service

  • Display of attachments sent from the Crashes SDK, in the portal
  • Show the events that happened before a crash
  • Missing Symbols experience to know which symbols need to be uploaded