Get-Project (Package Manager Console in Visual Studio)

Available only within the Package Manager Console in Visual Studio on Windows.

Displays information about the default or specified project. Get-Project specifically returns a referent to the Visual Studio DTE (Development Tools Environment) object for the project.


Get-Project [[-Name] <string>] [-All] [<CommonParameters>]


Parameter Description
Name Specifies the project to display, defaulting to the default project selected in the Package Manager Console. The -Name switch is itself optional.
All Displays information for every project in the solution; the order of projects is not deterministic.

None of these parameters accept pipeline input or wildcard characters.

Common Parameters

Get-Project supports the following common PowerShell parameters: Debug, Error Action, ErrorVariable, OutBuffer, OutVariable, PipelineVariable, Verbose, WarningAction, and WarningVariable.


# Displays information for the default project

# Displays information for a project in the solution
Get-Project MyProjectName

    # Displays information for all projects in the solution
Get-Project -All