NuGet CLI environment variables

The behavior of the nuget.exe CLI can be configured through a number of environment variables, which affect nuget.exe on computer-wide, user, or process levels.

In general, options specified directly on the command line or in NuGet configuration files have precedence, but there are a few exceptions such as FORCE_NUGET_EXE_INTERACTIVE. If you find that nuget.exe behaves differently between different computers, an environment variable could be the cause. For example, Azure Web Apps Kudu (used during deployment) has NUGET_XMLDOC_MODE set to skip to speed up package restore performance and save disk space.

Variable Description Remarks
http_proxy Http proxy used for NuGet HTTP operations. This would be specified as http://<username>:<password>
no_proxy Configures domains to bypass from using proxy. Specified as domains separated by comma (,).
EnableNuGetPackageRestore Flag for if NuGet should implicitly grant consent if that's required by package on restore. Specified flag is specified
NUGET_EXE_NO_PROMPT Prevents the exe for prompting for credentials. Any value except null or empty string will be treated as this flag set/true.
FORCE_NUGET_EXE_INTERACTIVE Global environment variable to force interactive mode. Any value except null or empty string will be treated as this flag set/true.
NUGET_PACKAGES Path to where packages are stored / cached. Specified as absolute path.
NUGET_FALLBACK_PACKAGES Global fallback packages folders. Absolute folder paths separated by semicolon (;).
NUGET_HTTP_CACHE_PATH HTTP cache folder. Specified as absolute path.
NUGET_PERSIST_DG Flag indicating if dg files (data collected from MSBuild) should be persisted. Specified as true or false (default), if NUGET_PERSIST_DG_PATH not set will be stored to temporary directory (NuGetScratch folder in current environment temp directory).
NUGET_PERSIST_DG_PATH Path to persist dg files. Specified as absolute path, this option is only used when NUGET_PERSIST_DG is set to true.
NUGET_RESTORE_MSBUILD_ARGS Sets additional MSBuild arguments.
NUGET_RESTORE_MSBUILD_ Verbosity Sets the MSBuild log verbosity.
NUGET_SHOW_STACK Determines whether the full exception (including stack trace) should be displayed to the user. Specified as true or false (default).
NUGET_XMLDOC_MODE Determines how assemblies XML documentation file extraction should be handled. Supported modes are skip (do not extract XML documentation files), compress (store XML doc files as a zip archive) or none (default, treat XML doc files as regular files).