Examines all assemblies within the output path for a project and adds binding redirects to the application or web configuration file where necessary.

For details on binding redirects and why they are used, see Redirecting Assembly Versions in the .NET documentation.


NuGet 1.2+ automatically runs this command when installing a package.


Add-BindingRedirect [-ProjectName] <string> [<CommonParameters>]


Parameter Description
ProjectName (Required) The project to which to add binding redirects. The -ProjectName switch itself is optional.

None of these parameters accept pipeline input or wildcard characters.

Common Parameters

Add-BindingRedirect supports the following common PowerShell parameters: Debug, Error Action, ErrorVariable, OutBuffer, OutVariable, PipelineVariable, Verbose, WarningAction, and WarningVariable.


Add-BindingRedirect MyProject

Add-BindingRedirect -ProjectName MyProject