Open API OData changelog

OpenAPI OData changelog

Open API OData reader is available on the Nuget gallery

You can install or update the NuGet package for ASP.NET Core OData using the Package Manager Console.


  • [#104] Describes path operations description from vocabulary annotations

  • Add support for EdmTypeKind.TypeDefinition

  • Add async/await to make UI more response


  • [#98] Fixes potential duplicate operationIds in action/function paths

  • [#92] Removes example property in path parameter objects

  • Add config for ShowMsDocGroupPath


  • Add Path provider and path prefix provider into setting

  • Fix paths when operation is bound to a derived type

  • Add metadata, segment and related path handler and operation handler

  • Add key and operation parameter mapping


  • Add model reference support to library and command line utility

  • #86: Push changes from Microsoft Graph


  • #78: Fix casing of OpenAPI type "String" for RefPatchOperationHandler and RefPostOperationHandler

  • #73: Allows schema examples to be optional

  • Output XML file into nuget package


  • #57: Add Links to entity set get response object

  • #55: Add support for replacing base type references with their derived types

  • #54: Add discriminator support

  • Add simple PathPrefix to ConvertSettings


  • Enable Uri escape function call


  • #38: Change encryption for fips compliance

  • #34: Users/mispeer/serialize nullable reference for v2

  • Implement the project