Write nextpage link

Applies To: yes OData AspNet WebApi V6

In ODataLib 6.13.0, it supports to write the NextPageLink/Count instance annotation in top-level collection payload. Let's have an example:

When you want to serialize a collection instance, you should first create an object of ODataCollectionStart, in which you can set the next page link and the count value.

ODataMessageWriter messageWriter = new ODataMessageWriter(...);
IEdmTypeReference elementType = ...;
ODataCollectionWriter writer = messageWriter.CreateODataCollectionWriter(elementType);

ODataCollectionStart collectionStart = new ODataCollectionStart();

collectionStart.NextPageLink = new Uri("https://any");
collectionStart.Count = 5;


ODataCollectionValue collectionValue = ...;
if (collectionValue != null)
    foreach (object item in collectionValue.Items)

The payload looks like: