FetchProgress event (ADO)

Applies to: Access 2013, Office 2013

The FetchProgress event is called periodically during a lengthy asynchronous operation to report how many more rows have currently been retrieved into the Recordset.


FetchProgressProgress, MaxProgress, adStatus, pRecordset


Parameter Description
Progress A Long value indicating the number of records that have currently been retrieved by the fetch operation.
MaxProgress A Long value indicating the maximum number of records expected to be retrieved.
adStatus An EventStatusEnum status value.
pRecordset A Recordset object that is the object for which the records are being retrieved.


When using FetchProgress with a child Recordset, be aware that the Progress and MaxProgress parameter values are derived from the underlying Cursor Service rowset. The values returned represent the total number of records in the underlying rowset, not just the number of records in the current chapter.


To use FetchProgress with Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual Basic 6.0 or later is required.